⚡️ MINI CASE STUDY ⚡️ 0 to 60,000 organics per month in 11 months.
Here’s what we did👇

1. Context

– Subscription-based e-commerce in the UK
– Produced 384 pages of content (maybe 40ish are not yet live)
– New Shopify website (don’t remember the DA, something low, who cares tbh)
– They had maybe 20 marketing and product pages in total
– Goal 1 — drive email signups to be converted into paid customers
– Goal 2 — make the brand authority in the pet space

2. Content Velocity

– published around 26 articles per month with appx 2500-words each for the first 6 months
– published around 40 per month with appx 1600-words each for the second six months
– 3 verticals/categories
– published BoFu content early in the campaign
– informational content responding to question queries optimized to be MoFu (responding to the intent with content + adding value with CTA to sign up)

3. Other non-production implementation

– all articles optimized with CTAs resonate with the intent of the article
– created 2 landing pages optimized for transactional keyword clusters
–> transactional KW containing terms such as ‘subscription,’ ‘online,’ ‘delivery,’ ‘best,’ ‘uk’ and ‘united kingdom’
–> we rolled out these 2 LPs after 6 months and drove 200+ contextual internal links form our content
– optimized for internal links every 3 months to add more context across the different categories
– suggested basic theme optimization to comply with CWV (Core Web Vitals)
– Optimized homepage and footer to drive faster results.
– zero link building, biggest backlink win –> got the natural link from PETA.

4. Results

– hitting 100k organic visitors by end of month 13
– gathered 4000 emails (signups) in 11 months, expecting December or January to hit that same number in just 30 days.
– Brand covers all relevant topics in their niche.
– Stable exponential growth is expected even if production stops now.

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