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From 7,000 clicks per day to 25,000 clicks per day. SEO Case Study

From 7,000 clicks per day to 25,000 clicks per day. πŸ”₯

Pay attention. I’ll teach you how.

Before you do anything, ask yourself:
‘Am I ready to invest thousands into my website for a year before seeing explosive results?’
If the answer is no, I can recommend you to a nice guy on Fiverr who will do it for $99 per month…
… and possibly ruin your entire website.

Now that we’re clear on that, here’s the #SEO strategy we used.

We focused on getting the basics of any website right.
Great content. Great links. Great site performance.
There’s no need to complicate it.
Our goals were:
βœ… Continue to scale content production month-on-month. We went from 10 articles to 30 articles per month. It was the best way for us to build relevancy fast.
βœ… Internal links were KEY to this strategy. How we built our clusters made all the difference when we moved to link building. Our anchors were natural. We rarely used exact matches.
βœ… We mixed PR efforts with traditional guest posting, outreach, and niche edits. We also acquired an expired domain which we plan to rebuild and redirect.
βœ… Branded links to the homepage with keyword variations to our money pages. Underpinned by our supporting content, which we strategically built links to (depending on traffic potential).
βœ… We introduced Schema, authorship, and E-A-T elements that are site-wide and focused on our UX. We completely redesigned our article and commercial pages.
βœ… Finally, we made our site lightning fast. It’s built on a custom CMS so we couldn’t rely on plugins. With a little ingenuity and testing, we managed to pass ALL page experience checks. And bring our speed down from 4.2s to 2.7s.
This is also one of the most competitive niches in the world.
Incredibly proud of this growth and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2022 brings us!

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Google Analytics Dashboard
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