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Naturecan Winning Position 1 to 3 for “CBD Gummies” & “10% CBD Oil” with High Authority Backlinks


Monthly pageviews increase


Position for “10% CBD Oil”


Position for “CBD Gummies”

Keyword difficulty and search volume for CBD Gummies in the UK 

About Naturecan

Naturecan is a leading CBD brand in the UK. Founded by ex-CEO of MyProtein, Andy Duckworth, Naturecan quickly rose up the ranks taking highly converting positions in SERP. 

When they approached NUOPTIMA, they were on page 1 for two highly valuable search terms, “CBD Gummies” and “10% CBD Oil”. The search intent indicates the user is ready to purchase and is currently choosing between brands and product options. Being present at this stage of the consumer funnel is incredibly lucrative and presents an opportunity to acquire a high LTV customer base. As you saw above, the keyword “CBD Gummies” is searched over 46,000 times every month and has a keyword difficulty of 88. 

Once Naturecan saw how lucrative the keyword was, they decided to double down on SEO efforts by engaging NUOPTIMA to build high authority backlinks to increase their position and fend off competitors.

How Naturecan’s CBD Oil page looked in SERP after our optimisations
How Naturecan’s CBD Gummies page looked in SERP after our optimisations


Naturecan Team

Christopher Bracken

Head of SEO

Valeria Briancesco

Head of Content

Action Plan

Once we see a page beginning to rank on Google, the team at NUOPTIMA fully focuses on how to maximise its position and gain traffic as fast as possible. This was no exception! 

Our SEO experts first conducted a site audit to ensure maximum optimisation for the ranking pages. We then set our eyes on acquiring the highest quality backlinks. It was imperative the backlinks we acquired for Naturecan would be positive assets in the eyes of Google and that they had the best anchor texts.


Backlinks Built


Average Domain Rating

To rank the CBD gummies product page higher, we focused on anchor text keywords with “CBD Gummies”. You may notice some unrelated anchor keywords in the below screenshot. This is a consequence of competitors placing spam backlinks on the web. An expert SEO specialist should, at this point, begin disavowing links and indicating to Google that these are not reputable or relevant to your domain.

Anchor keywords for Naturecan’s CBD Gummies page

The “CBD Gummies” keyword is one of the most hotly contested keywords in the CBD space, so it’s no surprise that Naturecan is aggressively building links. As you can see, we started from 0 to over 600 links built!

Huge increase of referring domains to the CBD Gummies page

Content Writing

Below, you can see some examples of the backlinks we built for Naturecan.

Backlinks For 10% CBD Oil


Backlinks Built


Average Domain Rating 

Compared to “CBD Gummies”, the “10% CBD Oil” keyword had lower competition and volume. Thus, with the quality of our backlinks, ranking it to position 1 on Google was relatively easy. 

Ranking position 1 is incredibly powerful in Google, as it means you are able to command 39.6% CTR of all search volume. 

Given that Naturecan now holds position 1, building backlinks prevents competitors from stealing the top spot. We’re able to be slightly more reactive, provided we track competitors and save Naturecan budget, which is better spent on CBD Gummies backlinks.

Naturecan’s CBD Oil page is ranking in position 1

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